03 diciembre 2011

The relieving distraction of the government

The President of the Republic (of Chile) indicated the Senate to discuss under the simple urgency modality the bill on videogames that we have been talking about recently. He did so on the 4th of October, but he decided to call this urgency back on the 8th of November. And this is all what has happened on this bill in the Senate during the whole year. For the Comission of Economy has not discussed this bill in any of its sessions. We can see, therefore, how the interest of politicians in their own popularity is calling their attention into other topics. This is very convenient for us though. We can rest assured because they are not going to regulate this field by now—they are busy showing their empathy and support to those who demostrate violently in the streets. So we do not even need to express our disconformity with this bill—doing so would awake the amebic instinct of politicians, who do better to the rest of society by staying quiet and not attempting to 'improve' our lifes. Let us pretend that we are not aware of this stupid bill that is intended to limit, as usual, the exercise of freedom.

We know and we have demonstrated enough how innecesary and even prejudicial would be to approve this bill. But governments, specially those in the Roman tradition, have the uncontrollable tendency to regulate everything that is moving around. There is absolutely no evidence that video games might cause any kind of specific behaviour in people, not to say 'aggressive' behaviour. But politicians believe that video games actually cause some kind of behaviour and that, because of this, they have not only the right, but the duty of limiting other people's freedom and regulating what they can or cannot do. Because this is the type of things that politicians do: they believe something wrong to be truth, they decide that society will collapse if they do not stop this and, finally, they find the perfect solution in cutting off the extent of one of our most basic rights—liberty. This is the only way to act they know and there is no hope that they will try otherwise in the future. So it is not really wise to think that the situation could change by following the institutional way. It is much more likely to be ignored during a certain time than to be left alone definitely when politicians realise that you are interacting with other people.

Right now we are in the first of these two situations: politicians are ignoring us because they have a violent crowd to feed with promises of a larger State and less freedom for everyone. The time will come, however, when they remember that we are also here, freely getting in touch with each other as if there were no entity stopping people from behaving independently. And then they will again discuss about the 'necessity' of prohibiting the free trade of video games. And they will decide what we can and what we cannot do. They will deliberate how far can we take our freedom—for how could we, unlearned beasts, undertake such a responsibility as managing our own behaviour? Surely they know much better what is the best for ourselves—this would be unreachable for any of us without their aid. So we can take a rest now, and breath calmly for a while. Because the wicked eye of politicians is seduced by some cheap whore. Let us hope, therefore, that they keep distracted and do not look at us in a long time—as long as possible.

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